“How do you discover a diamond in the dirt?”
This is a question that I challenge myself to answer. 
Possessing potential without structure and a set plan that allows you to express your strengths and skills will leave you unrecognizable amongst the crowd and  knowing that I possess creativity, authenticity and the burning desire of knowledge, I see myself as a gilded asset. However, I understand that until I invest in myself and my skill set, I will not be mined.
My name is Teralyn Campbell. I am from Jackson, TN, raised in Metro Atlanta, I recently received a B.A. in Public Relations at the Capstone in Fall 2023 and I am a current graduate student in the Sports Hospitality Management Program. I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and I was 2021-2022 Director of Black Student Leadership Council ( I brought back Toy Ball ;) ). I am also an Adobe Student Ambassador, former Hulu and Amazon Prime Ambassador and I am a leisure digital content creator. Through content creation, I express creativity, lifestyle development and how much I prioritize vulnerability and transparency as a means of helping others become their most authentic selves. I often tell people to "keep dreaming until you wake up to it," to inspire those who seek inspiration and understand their purpose as creatives, athletes and most importantly, dreamers. 

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